Section 1 Secret Society

Chapter 1 The Making of Secret Society

Chapter 2 The Knights Templar

Chapter 3 The Doorway to Europe, AD 1150

Chapter 4 The Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau

Chapter 5 The Order of Sion

Chapter 6 Fratres Lucis

Chapter 7 Da Vinci Codes

Chapter 8 Templar Red Masonry

Section 2 The Political Thrust of Venice

Chapter 9 Invasion and the British East India Company

Chapter 10 Agent Conti, Isaac Newton, the Royal Society, and Scientific Fraud

Chapter 11 Franklin, Hell Fire Clubs, and Shugborough Secrets

Chapter 12 The First Seal: Boston Tea Party and War of Independence

Chapter 13 The Second Seal: The French Revolution

Chapter 14 Napoleon

Chapter 15 The Third Seal: The American Civil War

Section 3 The Global Agenda

Chapter 16 The Fabian Society

Chapter 17 Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Chapter 18 The Fourth Seal: Occult Communism

Chapter 19 The Russian Oligarchy

Chapter 20 The Banker

Chapter 21 BIS, Council on Foreign Relations and More About Banks

Chapter 22 1942

Chapter 23 The United Nations

Chapter 24 Bilderberg

Chapter 25 Trilateral Commission, 1972

Chapter 26 The Marburg Educational Community

Chapter 27 The Occult EU

Chapter 28 The Political EU

Chapter 29 Mont Pelerin and Heritage

Chapter 30 Mind Benders of Frankfurt

Chapter 31 Synarchy

Chapter 32 Functionalism

Chapter 33 Club of Rome Greenery

Chapter 34 The Way Forward

About the Book

In circulation at the moment is the idea that human concentration and ability to hold ideas has dropped to a low level. Yet when the electronics industry of recent times produced a difficult game... it was a world's bestseller in seeming contradiction to the general view that lightweight information is what we all want and need.

The author, William Stuart, has been faced with the dilemma that all of us should have the knowledge denied to us for a little less than 2,000 years, but that to gain that insight we are required to think "outside the box" and to be real pioneers ourselves.

We need new thinking about our democracy. It takes courage, but we have that, despite being told that the "masses" are without the pioneering spirit so obvious in our ancestry. And, if we are going to sort out our world and take it back from the "internationalists", we have to believe in ourselves as the electorate who can learn, discuss, vote and elect. If anything gets in our way it will be secret, occult and of central financial root.

We have to face up to an enemy that re-writes our history, (education) dominates our economy (finances), infiltrates our religions or destroys all faith systems (ecclesiology) and takes over our national affairs (politics) by shadow government, the creation of usury and dominance of a socialism, which promotes the left wing but is an extreme right wing presence.

The revelations in the Great European Secret do not stop with the despoiling of the peace years. Most wars In Europe were caused by the first central bank or Fondo of Venice (AD 697) after it gained access to Europe and Britain in 1150AD. This same Venetian banking is now an alliance with some, but not all, of the private, central banks of today.

Such a "Brotherhood", whilst benefiting from the looting carried out by their Grandfathers, and living in high style in large houses, yet lays down the plans for the next war or social upheaval, but always 120 years before society suffers such manifestations. The dead cannot be judged, only their uniformed play actors are brought to account as seen in events such as the Nuremberg trials after WW2.

Many books promise the solving of issues and deliver very little. The Invisible College, The Great European Secret is a historical expose of some weight. It is not a light read, but it tells you the things you must know to make your democracy and your decision makers sit up and take notice of you.

It will aid your own research by providing all the avenues that are needed for another look at what we want in heart, home and nation, as opposed to the lust of the "internationalists" for central control over our lives.

We are about to lose our freedom to a "new" political system that combines and is founded upon Communism and Nazism, both systems having been created in Geneva by the secret lodges and their financiers, and brought into practical existence through 120-140 Broadway, New York. Yet horrifying though this is, it is no more that the resurrection of the BC years of Druid and Roman occupation.

A short description of the chapters will assist the pioneers and researchers, the thinkers and the activists of a new generation to begin to relate together, just as bad men have already combined. If we are to have a future at all, and we will have one with your help, it is to be through gaining knowledge where others would suppress it, sharing what we know by every means possible, and never, ever allowing the politicians to suppress public referenda.

The thin line between democracy and oligarchy (rule by the few) has been crossed. Now it is time through peaceful entrenchments and singleness of purpose to turn a back on "internationalists", and to refuse to co-operate with their greed and de-regulation. Such a battle cannot be won until some politicians realize that their friend and advisor has a brother in another country who also plays chess with national finance, education, politics and religion.

Such a battle is never against the good governments and institutions of the "establishment", unless they are corrupted in part. In the 1950's and 1960's the oligarchy taught their disciples (the Frankfurt movement) to teach us to rebel against all that was dear to the home, the heart and the nation.

Our job is to find out what is behind the darkness, the sinister, the enslaving of the people, and then to know and use the power of knowledge, but used peacefully and in a good cause. A nation learning to say "no" to international bankers is a nation that survives, but one that thinks it can deal with and be at peace with this menace will be ensnared from within and without.

With some years in uniform as a navigator on the high seas and all the loyalty and discipline that this entails, and with a later profession that has had required the giving of allegiance to the Queen, the author both respects the burden of those in authority in the nations, and also the rights of the individual to be heard and to be free.

In this way "The Invisible College: The Great European Secret" may be a radical if not the radical departure from the trodden path of the centuries, but it is written in recognition that Marx and Engels (for instance) and any radical revolutionaries have much to hide.

Our way to change is to find the truth and to speak it and to so communicate it with infuriating passion, so that only the corrupt sleepers in the establishment, rising into view on a tide of knowledge, are forced into the retirement that they so richly deserve.