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Plot Overview

In 1942 a very secret meeting took place in Canada. It was the middle of WW2. Secrets were exchanged at the gathering between the Fondo or Venetian central bank, founded from the remnants of the Western Roman Empire in AD 697, and the American and other international bankers who were its modern followers.The Russians were present, as were the founders of the secret society Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission.

The bankers who hired Adolph Hitler and created also Communism and Nazism front 120-140 Broadway New York, now planned a new battle against the governments and people of America and Britain.

These leaders of 1500 years of occultism, white slaving, currency manipulation, war making, and radical counter-culture betrayed Hitler in that year in Canada, and began a further lethal conspiracy of the oligarchy against the democracy.

They planned the European Union from 1837, working an unknown 120 year plan to introduce it in 1957. Now at last they were ready to transfer democracy and freedom, for which the Allies now struggled in combat, into their "Nazi-Communist" commune. Thus began a secret war, waged against America and its Constitution and also against Britain too The peace years from 1945 would be witness to another Battle of Britain, one that was not over, and indeed it had only just begun.